Department of Music

Digital Audio Recording and Production Studio

The Digital Audio Recording and Production Studio curriculum is complemented by a 3,500 square-foot multi-room facility with nine acoustically isolated rooms of varying characteristics and a 1988 Yamaha CF III concert grand piano. The main control room and classroom offers multichannel recording and mixing, surround sound monitoring and video projection. A second production room adds additional video, multimedia and DVD production capabilities.

The facility employs high-quality microphones, including a variety of large and small diaphragm condensers, tube and ribbon microphones from manufacturers such as Neumann, Earthworks, Royer, Peluso Labs, AKG, Shure, and Sennheiser. Our microphones are complimented by world-class, custom microphone preamplifiers, high-resolution custom A/D converters, a fully-automated Sony DMX-R100 digital mixing console, and both native and hardware-based digital audio workstations such as Logic Pro, Sonic Studio HD, and Sonic Studio Soundblade. Processing and metering tools include Metric Halo 80-bit +DSP hardware, software, and visualization tools as well as a variety of other software-based and outboard processing systems. A second production room adds Final Cut Studio, DVD Studio Pro and a variety of other software systems necessary for audio, video, DVD-Video and DVD-Audio production, as well as multimedia production in today's current and emerging high-resolution, multichannel and interactive formats.

Remote location recording capabilities include 48-channel multitrack recording, a Sony HD video camera, and a Soundfield MK-V ambisonics recording system for capturing three-dimensional, fully immersive acoustical events for production into traditional stereo, multichannel, and periphonic audio.

Contact Michael Dunston for more information: / (540) 231-9942

jazz combo recording session with students and faculty

recording piano during Forever Changed recording session

alumni in recording studio during Forver Changed recording session

student string quartet recording session

recording studio floor plan