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Featured Works of Music Technology Students

Featured examples of work by students of the music technology program. For additional music technology work created by DISIS students and faculty, please visit the DISIS Portfolio.

D.J. Kyriakides

D.J. Kyriakides CD cover

“studies in subtlety”
Audio CD of live and studio-session
recordings and compositions

  1. Yellowstone (Murphy's Kids)
  2. Give it All (Murphy's Kids)
  3. Hands On (Murphy's Kids)
  4. Ballad of Jack and Jill (Murphy's Kids)
  5. Rivermill (Delta Debris)
  6. No Other Highway (Delta Debris)
  7. Southview (Delta Debris)
  8. Love or At War (Delta Debris)
  9. In the Snow (October Rain)
  10. Copper Penny (October Rain)
  11. Raindance (October Rain)
  12. Das Lied von der Erde (Opera Roanoke)

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Trevor Robinson

Trevor Robinson DVD-V

Kyle Clayton

Kyle Clayton DVD-V

David Cuffee III

David Cuffee DVD-V