MUSIC 2116: SURVEY OF MUSIC FROM c. 1750 TO c. 2010
Index #15012--Spring Semester 2012--Prof. John R. Howell

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1. Quizzes on each Chapter are found on the Pearson Website. Because they may be taken more than once they serve as their own Practice Quizzes. You must Register for THIS CLASS for your scores to be reported to the correct Online Gradebook. I will count the highest score for each Quiz. Do only the Multiple Choice Quizzes, not the Essays.

2. Questions will be on names, terms, or information that is important, sometimes broad concepts or the names of specific styles or the characteristics of those styles.

3. Section headings or boldface type in the textbook certainly suggest questions and should be studied, but other important concepts may be asked even if not isolated in the textbook.

4. I expect you to read and listen to the assignment before taking the quizzes. I expect you to have your study materials handy when you take them--these are open-book quizzes. And I expect you to score 100%!

5. Anything emphasized in lectures may show up, whether it is emphasized in the textbook or not.

6. Unless the Course Calendar says otherwise, each Chapter Quiz will cover the entire chapter. However, if the entire chapter hasn't been discussed in class yet, at least one of the questions will come from material that has been discussed in class.

7. Only students who choose Grading Options 2 or 3 are required to take these quizzes. Students on Option 1 are encouraged to take them to help you prepare for the next Unit Quiz, but this is not required and your scores will not count toward your final grade. Students on Option 1 who feel they might want to change Options after the Unit Quiz 1 scores are sent out should go ahead and take these Quizzes until the final decision has been made.

8. The intent of the Online Quizzes is to help you prepare for the Unit Quizzes, so keep up with the reading and plan to complete the Quizzes BEFORE each Unit Quiz.




2116 Home - Instructor - Calendar - Syllabus - Concert Schedule - Recording Index - Writing