Links to Early Music Sites

These sites should be of interest to Early Music performers. As you discover additional sites, please forward the URL to so they can be added.

Early Music Resources
More Early Music Resources
Recorder Home Page
Crumhorn Home Page
Early Musical Instruments
Early Music America
The American Recorder Society
Early Music Shop of New England
Courtly Music Unlimited
Instrument making
Magnamusic Distributers, Inc
Viola da Gamba Home Page
The Cantigas de Santa Maria
SCA Minstrel Homepage
The Hurdy-Gurdy Site
American Recorder Teachers Association
Hubbard Harpsichords
Viola da Gamba maker
Viola da Gamba Society Homepage
Boulder Early Music Shop
Lute Society of America
Shrine to Music Museum
The Galpin Society
Historic Brass Soceity
Historical Harp Society
The Harp Page
The Serpent Website
Traverso Historical Flutes
Jensen Harpsichords
Reading White Mensural Notation
Peter Redstone Harpsichords
Caviers Baroques
Harpsichord Clearing House
Lute, Theorbo & Early Guitar

Department of Music
Early Music Ensemble
Faculty Page