Department of Music

Recital/Performance Program Information

Performance Type: Ensemble
Performance Venue: Center for the Arts Anne and Ellen Fife Theatre
Performance Date: Sunday, December 10, 2017
Performance Time: 03:00 PM
Performance Recording ID: 201712101500_43 (more information about this here)
Performer(s) or Ensemble(s): Wind Ensemble and Symphony Band
Instruments/Voice Types: Band
Event Title: "Past and Present"
Ensemble Personnel: SYMPHONY BAND
Chad R. Reep, conductor

Erica O’Donnel
Paige Martin
Logan Epperly
Emma Peiffer
Lexi McCarthy
Lauren Heslop
Sydney Dayyani
Roberto Estrada
Sarah Baldwin
Emily Garbera
Sophie Khan
Kaise Al-natour
Mia Buchsbaum

Devin Sohi
Joshua Saville

Anna Karnes

Ashlyn McDonald
Corey Kroboth
Hannah Beard
Kristen Halper
Michael Wills
Cat Lasky
Patrick Rush
Leor Clark
Rhiannon Takemoto-Jennings

Romcholo Macatula
Robert Armstrong

Nick Williams

Sasha Rearden
Jack Cumming
Jonathan Kayne
Eric Chang

Daniel Rico

Victoria Schluszas

Jacob Mitchell
Caden Vandervort

Sally Owen
Zuri Wong
Maurice L. Jones III
Matthew Foran
Jordan Marshall
Andrew Walker
Levi Butler
Simon Somervill
Brian Ratnasinghe

Matthew Brockmeyer
Clara Hellersund
Aaron Kwok
Darron Quidilla
Anoo Maskeri
Frank Liu

Jeff Ritchie

Natasha Chauhan
Chris Mette
Isaac Pollard

Murphy Liang
Bryan Anthony

Kevyn de Zavala
Jack Scheibe
Matthew Shay
Alex Springer

Jonathan Caldwell, Conductor

** Haley Blevins
Katie Crawford
Anne Kelly Newman
Jillian Schmitz

Caecilia Armstrong
** Stefan Povolny
Jordan Thompson

Robert Armstrong
Seth Boyd
Sarah Clark
** Cassandra Hanson
Anthony Hodge
Sarah Naugle
Benjamin Orlando
Gabriel Wise

Sarah Karalus
** Locke Meriwether
Delaney Snead

Andrew Bender
Spencer Bess
** Trevor McMillan
Dylan Wimer

** Elizabeth Kania
Nicholas Meredith
Matthew Messick
Chris Thomas
Julian Thomas

** Rachel Abbott
Rachael Glasgow
Reagan Snead
Mary Catherine Stegall

Ian Lettau
** Joseph Tolley

Benjamin McDonald

Duncan Elston
** Logan Rice

Nabra Asgedom
** Connor Murphy

Steven Arnold
Chris Hochella
Jesse Hughes
** Laura Moniuszko
Joshua Morrison
Denver Nuckolls
Jennifer Webbert

Joseph Hart

Joshua Gebhard

Ezra Clark

All personnel are listed alphabetically.
Principals (**) are indicated.
Artist Profile Text:

DAVID MCKEE is in his thirty-second year at Virginia Tech, where he serves as director of The Marching Virginians. A native of Lynchburg, Virginia, he received his B.M.E. from Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in 1976 and his M.A.Ed. from Virginia Tech in 1986.


Under his direction, The Marching Virginians have performed throughout the nation for football games, parades and other activities, sharing performances with bands from the University of Texas, Florida State University, and most recently with the University of Arkansas Marching Band at the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to a demanding schedule of performances throughout the football season, The Marching Virginians are the model of Ut Prosim serving the university community through twenty “Hokies for the Hungry” canned food drives, two collaborative hurricane relief trips to New Orleans with the YMCA Student Programs at Virginia Tech, and many performances and presentations for public school students in the region. In the spring of 2009, the Marching Virginians partnered with Community Housing Partners to build a home in honor of Ryan “Stack” Clark, a band member and victim of the 2007 campus shooting.


In addition to directing The Marching Virginians, McKee teaches aural skills and conducts the Symphony Band during the spring semester. He is an active guest conductor, clinician, and advocate for music education in the public schools. McKee is the recipient of the Shenandoah University 2017 Distinguished Alumnus Award for Lifetime Achievement. At the 2007 Virginia Music Educators Association Conference, he served as a percussionist, orator, and conductor within the span of forty-eight hours. In 2005, McKee received a Certificate of Teaching Excellence by the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. He is a member of the ACC Band Directors Association, past-president of the Big East Band Directors Association, and has served on the Athletic Band Advisory Committee of the College Band Directors National Association.

Additional Program Notes:



“It is perfectly true, as the philosophers say, that life must be understood backwards. But they forget the other proposition, that it must be lived forwards.”

- Søren Kierkegaard


All of us are inescapably tethered to our past and traditions. Musicians are no exception—music is an aural tradition with skills and knowledge passed down through generations of teachers and students. You can see this in every musician’s biography, which inevitably includes a laundry list of every teacher with whom they studied! But, while life can only be understood backwards, it must be lived forwards.


This afternoon’s concert presents a two-sided view of band repertoire: where we’ve been and where we’re headed. The Symphony Band opens with two arrangements of musical classics (Saint-Saëns’ Pas Redoublé and Bernstein’s West Side Story) juxtaposed against the music of contemporary composers Mark Camphouse and Frank Ticheli. The Wind Ensemble begins the second half with three pieces written in the last decade to illustrate where band repertoire is headed: David Biedenbender’s Stomp, Christopher Stark’s Augenblick, and a world première of Nick Omiccioli’s the field well. The military band, an important aspect of the band musical tradition, ends the Wind Ensemble’s second half: Gustav Holst’s Second Suite in F for Military Band from 1911 and Sergey Prokofiev’s March, op. 99 from 1944.


The highlight of the program is Tōru Takemitsu’s Concerto de chambre for thirteen winds from 1955. This is Takemitsu’s only piece for mixed chamber winds, but until recently was considered lost. This will be the first time the piece has ever been performed outside Japan. Takemitsu represents both the band’s past and future: a piece that is sixty-two years old and has yet to be discovered.

# 1   Work Title:
Work Conductor: Chad R. Reep