Department of Music

Studio Access and Use

The studio is available to our students with physically secure twenty-four hour daily access using electronic and biometric access controls. Combined with an online reservation system, this allows substantial flexibility in the planning and scheduling of both curricular and extra-curricular work. Although it is located a few blocks from campus in downtown Blacksburg, it is part of Virginia Tech and committed to teaching and learning, research, and outreach through the incorporation of the Virginia Tech Principles of Community.

While access and operation of the facility is restricted to students in our program, our students are always looking to collaborate with other artists on a variety of recording and video projects. There is no "studio time" charge for this work, however some restrictions apply. Specifically, the work cannot be commerical in nature (e.g. a demo CD to be given away freely for promotional-use only rather than intended for replication) and the students retain rights to the use of the material in their own portfolios. If your needs involve commerical work, such as a radio spot or demo CD intended for mass-replication, please contact Michael Dunston to discuss possible options.

If you are interested in collaborating with our students on a project, please contact with information such as the project goals, musical style, instrumentation, and desired timeline.

Contact Michael Dunston for more information: / (540) 231-9942

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Forever Changed recording session

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