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Virginia Tech School Of Performing Arts Chooses soundBlade™

Provides soundBlade Audio Mastering Systems to All Music Technology Students Via Sonic Studio’s New All Access Subscription Program

(Blacksburg, Virginia and San Francisco, California) April 14, 2014 - Sonic Studio, LLC and Virginia Tech announced today that the Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts has joined a distinguished list of leading educational facilities including Ohio University’s Scripps School of Communications, Berklee College of Music, New York University, SET-School in Germany, and Ex’pression College in adopting Sonic Studio soundBlade All Access, as a core component for their curriculum. As a result, students enrolled in the Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts recording and production curriculum will be using fully enabled soundBlade HD featuring Sonic Studio Mastering EQ and the legendary NoNOISE restoration toolset during their studies.

“Virginia Tech’s Department of Music, now part of the newly formed School of Performing Arts, has built a legacy of preparing the next generation of recording and mastering engineers since the early 1990s, and Sonic Studio has always played a key role in our ability to deliver the highest-quality tools and experiential learning opportunities for our students,” said Michael Dunston, director of the recording and production program at Virginia Tech. “Sonic Studio’s All Access program not only enables our students in the classroom but is also available to take with them into their professional lives upon graduation; providing real-world experience for inventing the future.”

During their course of study, Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts recording and production students will be using Sonic Studio’s soundBlade HD system, as part of the All Access package that provides a complete high-end, professional audio mastering software solution. The system supports ultra-high sample rates up to 384kHz, 24- bit resolution (more than eight times the resolution of standard CD music), as well as the complete NoNOISE® package for restoration of archival and historical recordings.

“We are delighted to welcome the Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts, their distinguished faculty and students to the soundBlade All Access program. Through the All Access program, our rapidly expanding network of world-class educational institutions using soundBlade is more equipped to provide the very best in audio engineering and mastering training than ever before,” said Jonathan Reichbach, president and chief engineer of Sonic Studio located in San Francisco, California. “Sonic Studio is excited to be enabling and empowering the next generation of professional audio engineers as they navigate the complex environment of delivering commercial release content in a variety of formats both online and on disc.”

Beginning in the spring semester of 2014, Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts recording and production students will have access to soundBlade All Access system for the term of their program. Upon completion of their study, Sonic Studio has agreed to provide very special educational pricing consideration to students to enable them to enter their career with their own complete soundBlade All Access system.

About Sonic Studio
Located in San Francisco, California, Sonic Studio ( is a leading developer of digital audio technology for professional sound recording, high-end audio playback, detailed editing, restoration and the preparation of finished masters for commercial release. The Sonic Studio Engine, which has been refined since 1985, provides the foundation of soundBlade the world-standard mastering system, as well as Amarra, Sonic Studio’s award winning audiophile-standard music player for the Apple OS X platform. Both soundBlade and Amarra are highly regarded as the most transparent and ‘analog’ sounding digital audio systems available in their class. Academy Award and GrammyTM Award winning NoNOISE is Sonic Studio’s groundbreaking audio restoration technology that has been used on countless recordings to repair, restore and refine damaged or corrupted audio tracks. soundBlade has been used to deliver millions of commercial CDs, high-resolution singles, music soundtracks, audiobooks and commercial ad spots since it was introduced, and is used by major record companies, world-class mastering facilities, post houses, producers and artists worldwide. For more information visit Sonic Studio online at or email

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