Department of Music

Featured Works of Music Technology Students

Featured examples of work by students of the music technology program. For additional music technology work created by DISIS students and faculty, please visit the DISIS Portfolio.

David Cuffee III

David Cuffee III DVD-Vi

Interactive DVD-Video disc with live stereo and
surround recordings, and electronic compositions,
and studio session recordings

  1. Streams of the Blessed Isle (M. Barbee)
  2. Romeo and Juliet (NRVSO)
  3. Metronome 60 v1.4 (D. Cuffee)
  4. Instrumental 001 (D. Cuffee)
  5. Concrete Jungle (E. McClain / GemInI)

Note: all audio samples are streamed using (lossy) AAC encoding.

Contact Michael Dunston for more information: / (540) 231-9942

D.J. Kyriakides

David Cuffee DVD-V

Trevor Robinson

Trevor Robinson DVD-V

Kyle Clayton

Kyle Clayton DVD-V