(KET-tul drum)

[Eng., timpani]

A drum made of a bowl-shaped shell over which parchment is stretched. This drum has a definite pitch that can be adjusted by adjusting the tension of the parchment. The modern orchestral timpani are kettledrums.

Also [Eng.] timpani; [Eng.] kettledrum; [Fr.] timbale; [Fr.] timbales; [Ger.] Pauke; [Ger.] Pauken; [Ger.] Kesselpauke; [Ger.] Kesseltrommel; [It.] timpano; [It.] timpani; [It.] timballo; [It.] timballi; [It.] tympani; [Sp.] timbal; [Sp.] timbals; [Sp.] atabal; [Abbr.] Timp.; [Abbr.] K. Dr.; [Abbr.] Pk.

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