funeral lament


A song or similar composition that is an expression of mourning due to the death of someone close and meant to be performed at a funeral or memorial service.

See also [Eng.] funeral lament; [Fr.] nénie (f); [Ger.] Nänie (f); [Ger.] Totenklage (f); [It.] nenia (f); [It.] lamento funebre (m).

Also [Eng.] lament; [Fr.] lamentation (f); [Ger.] Klage (f); [It.] lamento (m).
[Eng.] funeral music; [Fr.] musique funebre (f); [Ger.] Trauermusik (f); [It.] musica funebre (f).
[Eng.] funeral march; [Fr.] marche funèbre (f); [Ger.] Trauermarsch (m); [It.] marcia funebre (f).
[Eng.] dirge; [Fr.] chant funebre (m); [Ger.] Grabgesang (m); [It.] canto funebre (m).

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