alto clef
(AL-toe Klef)


A staff of five lines connected at the left end by a symbol; this symbol contains an arrow which points to the third line, indicating that that line is middle C (c1). This clef is sometimes used for the notation of the alto part because it facilitates the printing of the part with minimal use of ledger lines. It is also known as the viola clef as the viola is the only instrument that uses it with consistent regularity. It can also be found to some degree in the music of the English horn, trombone and bassoon.

See also [Eng.] alto clef; [Eng.] viola clef; [Fr.] clé d'ut troisième ligne (f); [Fr.] clef d'ut troisième ligne (f); [Fr.] clé d'ut 3e (f); [Fr.] clef d'ut 3e (f); [Ger.] Altschlüssel (m); [It.] chiave di contralto (f); [Sp.] clave de do (f).

Also [Eng.] C clef; [Fr.] clé d'ut (f); [Fr.] clef d'ut (f); [Ger.] C-Schlüssel (m); [It.] chiave di do (f); [Sp.] clave de do (f).

alto clef

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