at the octave


An indication to perform a specific note or passage one octave higher or lower than written. This is often notated with the number "8" above the note or passage to be changed. It is more likely to be seen with the notation of 8va to indicate that the note or passage be performed one octave higher than written. If the 8 appears below a note or passage, it is the abbreviation for 8vb and the note or passage should be performed an octave lower than written.

The directive loco ("at place") is often found at the end of the passage which directs the performer to perform the notes in their correct place or as written.

See also [Eng.] at the octave; [Fr.] à l'octave; [Ger.] in der Oktave; [It.] all' ottava; [It.] ottava; [It.] ottava bassa; [Abbr.] 8. [Abbr.] 8va; [Abbr.] 8a alta; [Abbr.] 8vb; [Abbr.] 8va bassa [Abbr.] 8a b.

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