[Abbr., accompaniment]

  1. The abbreviation for the term accompaniment or accompany.

  2. The abbreviation for the French term accord (chord) or the Italian term accordo (chord).

    See also [Eng.] chord; [Fr.] accord (m); [Ger.] Akkord (m); [It.] accordo (m); [Sp.] accorde; [Abbr.] acc.

  3. The abbreviation for accordion.

    See also [Eng.] accordion; [Fr.] accordéon (m); [Ger.] Akkordeon (m); [Ger.] Ziehharmonika (f); [Ger.] Handharmonika (f); [It.] fisarmonica (f); [Sp.] acordeón (m); [Abbr.] acc.

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