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Milton Byron Babbitt

Born: May 10, 1916 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America
Nationality: American
Era: Twentieth Century
Main genre: Electronic, Orchestral, String quartets, Piano concertos
Main works:
All Set, for jazz ensemble (1957)
Composition for Twelve Instruments (1948/54)
Correspondences, for string orchestra and tape (1967)
Philomel, for soprano and tape (1964)
Composition for Synthesizer
Ensembles for Synthesizer
Brief biography:

Babbitt studied composition privately with Roger Sessions. He earned degrees from New York and Princeton Universities and has been awarded honorary degrees from Middlebury College, Swarthmore College, New York University, the New England Conservatory, University of Glasgow, and Northwestern University. He taught at Princeton and The Juilliard School. He is a founder of the Committee of Direction for the Electronic Music Center of Columbia-Princeton Universities. Thus, making Babbitt the "grandfather" of modern techno. An extensive catalogue of works for multiple combinations of instruments and voice along with his pioneering achievements in synthesized sound have made Babbitt one of the most celebrated of 20th-century composers.

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