MUSIC 3144: Early Music Literature
CRN 15197--Spring Semester 2013
3:30-4:45 TTh, Squires 144

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Course Objectives
Course Specifics
Required Materials
Evaluation & Grading

Time and Place
3:30-4:45 TTh, Squires 144

Prof. John R. Howell (who much prefers to be called "John"!)

157 Squires (Ground Floor, Music Wing)

Office Hours
E-mail 24 hours a day:
In person by appointment; email for appointment

Office 231-8411; Department 231-5685; Home 953-1928
(You may call at home, but only if really necessary, please.)


Course Objectives:
Students successfully completing Music 3144 will understand the historical processes through which the musical styles of Western European music began, grew, matured, and declined; will be able to recognize and identify the elements that define specific styles in Western Art Music from the Medieval and Renaissance periods; will understand and be able to use the terminology associated with each style period; will recognize and understand the basics of the music notation used in each period; will have analyzed examples of the major musical styles within each period; and will be familiar with the lives and contributions of important individuals in each period.

Course Specifics:

Required textbook and other materials:

Allan W. Atlas. Renaissance Music. New York & London: W.W. Norton & Company, 1998.

Allan W. Atlas. Anthology of Renaissance Muisc. New York & London: W.W. Norton & Company, 1998.

Oliver Strunk, ed. Source Readings in Music History. Rev. ed., James McKinnon, ed. Volume 2: The Early Christian Period and the Latin Middle Ages. New York & London: W.W. Norton & Company, 1998.


Evaluation and Grading:

Evaluation is based on a total of weighted scores which may be earned during the semester for various assignments, quizzes, and exams, plus class attendance. The weighted scores will be combined to to give a grade percentage (scale given below), with 100% equal to A+. (I will assign an A+ if it has been earned, but the Registrar does not recognize or accept A+ as a grade; go figure!) Opportunities for extra credit points may be available. Grades in this course are not assigned; they are earned. Grades are never curved. Scores are earned as follows:

Many small quizzes, on Scholar

Weighted to be worth:

25% of grade

Class Attendance Weighted to be worth: 10% of grade

Writing Intensive Assignments

Weighted to be worth:

25% of grade


Medieval Period Exam

20% of grade

Renaissance Period Exam

20% of grade

Extra Credit:

Required attendance at and submission of a written review of one or both of the Early Music Ensemble's concerts , each worth up to 5% extra credit (half a letter grade) added directly to the final grade.


Grade Percentage Scale:

A+ 96.6 - 100%

B+ 86.6 - 89.99%

C+ 76.6 - 79.99%

D+ 66.6 - 69.99%

F 0 - 59.99%

A 93.3 - 96.59%

B 83.3 - 86.59%

C 73.3 - 76.59%

D 63.3 - 66.59%

A- 90 - 93.29%

B- 80 - 83.29%

C- 70 - 73.29%

D- 60 - 63.29%

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