MUSIC 3144: Early Music Literature
Index #15197--Spring Semester 2013
3:30-4:45 TTh, Squires 144
Prof. John R. Howell

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Updated as of January, 2013.


Please Note:
The textbooks may be late coming in to the Bookstore. This schedule will be modified as needed until they arrive. Don't worry; there's plenty to work on until then! Please note too that activities in class can not be made up, so you will be graded in part on class attendance.

Tue Jan 22
Discussion of the study of Early Music Literature. Outline of Medieval & Renaissance History. Scholar Quizzes. Assignments for next class. (Note: Reading and listening are to be done before each class listed so you are prepared for class discussion.)

Thu Jan 24
Reading: Strunk, Introduction & readings 1-5 (St. Basil, St. John Chrysostom, St. Jerome, Niceta of Remesiana, St. Augustine); Scholar Quizzes 1-5
Listening (in class)
: Chants from the Ordinary of the Mass
Class: Notation 1--Pre-Guidonian learning; chant notation; types of chant

Tue Jan 29
Reading: Strunk, readings 6-8 (Boethius, Cassiodorus, Isidore of Seville); Scholar Quizzes 6-8
Listening: Chants from the Proper of the Mass
Class: Types of chant; structure of the Mass

Thu Jan 31
Reading: Strunk, readings 9-12 (St. Benedict, Pseudo-Germanus, 8th century Anonymous, Helisachar); Scholar Quizzes 9-12
Listening: Chants of the Holy Office
Class: Structure of the daily Holy Office

Tue Feb 5
Reading: Strunk, readings 13-19 (John the Deacon, The Monk of St. Gall, Hildegard of Bingen, 9th century Anonymous, 10th century Anonymous, Pseudo-Odo of Cluny, Guido of Arezzo); Scholar Quizzes 13-19
Listening: Organum
Class: Introduction to troping; Organum as troping

Thu Feb 7
Reading: Strunk, readings 20-23 (Guido of Arezzo, 13th century Anonymous, Johannes de Garlandia, Franco of Cologne); Scholar Quizzes 20-23
Listening: Trobador, Trobairitz, Trouvère; Versus, Clausula, Organum triplum and quadruplum, Conductus)
Class: 12th century sacred & secular developments
Paper 1: Chant Notation due

Tue Feb 12
Reading: Strunk, readings 24-27 (13th century Anonymous, Johannes de Garlandia); Scholar Quizzes 24-27
Listening: 13th century and Ars Nova motets
Class: Notation 2--Rhythmic Modes; Notation 3--13th century Franconian mensural notation

Thu Feb 14
Exam 1: Covering all Medieval Readings, Listenings, and Lectures to date (Delayed if necessary.)
Paper 1: Returned

Tue Feb 19
Reading: Atlas Chapters 1-2 (The English Sound; European Society 1380-1420); Scholar Quiz 28
Listening: Ars Nova, Dunstable
Class: Analysis of "Quam pulchra es"

Thu Feb 21
Reading: Atlas Chapters 3-4 (The Low Countries; The Notation); Scholar Quiz 29
Listening: Dufay
Class: Work on transcription, notation

Tue Feb 26
Reading: Atlas Chapters 5-6 (French Secular Song; Society 1424-1428); Scholar Quiz 30
Listening: Dufay; Binchois
Class: TBA

Thu Feb 28
Reading: Atlas 7-8 (The New Motets; Using Primary Sources); Scholar Quiz 31
Listening: Josquin
Class: Analysis of Josquin, "Ave Maria ... virgo serena"
Paper 2: Rhythmic Modal Notation Due

Sun Mar 3
Early Music Ensemble, Program to be announced, 3 pm, Recital Salon, attendance required! Turn in written review during the following week.

Tue Mar 5
Reading: Atlas Chapters 9-10 (Mass and Vespers; Europe 1453-1454); Scholar Quiz 32
Listening: Gombert, Willaert, Morales
Class: Please note that for the balance of the semester decisions on class activities will be made on a week-by-week basis.

Thu Mar 7
Reading: Atlas Chapters 11-12 (Mass & Motet; Primary Sources); Scholar Quiz 33
Listening: TBA
Paper 2: Returned

~Spring Break~

Tue Mar 19
Reading: Atlas Chapter 13-14 (Patrons; Secular Song); Scholar Quiz 34
Listening: TBA

Thu Mar 21
Reading: Atlas Chapters 15-16 (Europe 1467-1469; Instrumental Music); Scholar Quiz 35
Listening: TBA
Paper 3: Frankonian Notation Due

Tue Mar 26
Reading: Atlas Chapter 17 (Musica Ficta); Scholar Quiz 34
Listening: TBA

Thu Mar 28
Reading: Atlas Chapters 18-19 (Music of Josquin's Time; 1492); Scholar Quiz 36
Listening: TBA
Paper 3: Returned

Tue Apr 2
Reading: Atlas Chapters 20-21 (The New Motet; Text Underlay); Scholar Quiz 37
Listening: TBA

Thu Apr 4
Reading: Atlas Chapter 22-24 (The Mass in Detail; Europe 1513-1521; New Chansons); Scholar Quiz 38-39
Listening: TBA
Paper 4: Atlas Chanson 1st Draft Due (notation complete)

Tue Apr 9
Reading: Atlas Chapters 25-26 (Instrumental Music; Catholic Music); Scholar Quiz 40-41
Listening: TBA

Thu Apr 11
Reading: Atlas Chapters 27-28 (Chanson and Madrigal; Europe 1533-1536); Scholar Quiz 42
Listening: TBA
Class: Work on transcription

Paper 4: 1st Draft Returned

Tue Apr 16
Reading: Atlas Chapters 29-30 (Music Printing; Final Editing of a Chanson); Scholar Quiz 43
Listening: TBA

Thu Apr 18
Reading: Atlas Chapters 31-32 (Late Instrumental Music; Europe 1543-1547); Scholar Quiz 44
Listening: TBA

Paper 4: Revised Draft Due

Tue Apr 23
Reading: Atlas Chapters 33-34 (The Reformation; Anglican England); Scholar Quiz 45
Listening: TBA

Thu Apr 25
Reading: Atlas Chapters 35-36 (Renaissance Theory; Europe 1560-1562); Scholar Quiz 46
Listening: TBA
Paper 4: Revised Draft Returned

Sun Apr 28
Early Music Ensemble, 8 pm, Recital Salon, attendance required, turn in written review during the following week.

Tue Apr 30
Reading: Atlas Chapter 37-38 (The Counter-Reformation; Madrigals); Scholar Quiz 47
Listening: TBA

Thu May 2
Reading: Atlas Chapters 39-40 (Europe 1588-1590; Elizabethan England); Scholar Quiz 48
Listening: TBA

Paper 5: Atlas Chanson 2nd Draft Due (with Musica Ficta)

Tue May 7
Exam 2: Covering all Renaissance Readings, Listenings, and Lectures; may be done as a take-home instead; we'll discus it (No additional Final Exam)

Paper 5: Returned

Fri May 10

Paper 6: Atlas Chanson, 3rd Draft Due (with Text Underlay)

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