MUSIC 3134: Choral Music Literature
Index #93795--Fall Semester 2001--Prof. John R. Howell
12:20-1:10 pm--Squires 162




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Time and Place: 12:20-1:10, MWF, Squires 162
Instructor: Prof. John R. Howell
Office: 160 Squires (Ground Floor, Music Wing)
Office Hours: E-mail 24 hours a day: In person by appointment.
Telephone: Office 231-8411; Department 231-5685; Home 953-1928.

(You may call at home if it is really necessary.)

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Course Objectives
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Course Specifics
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Course Objectives:
Students successfully completing Music 3134 will understand the historical processes through which choral styles begin, grow, mature and decline; will be able to recognize and identify the elements that define specific style periods in Western Art Music; will be able to communicate orally and in writing regarding choral matters; and will be able to prepare a conductor's analysis and memorization chart for large and small choral compositions.

Course Specifics:

Evaluation and Grading:

Evaluation is based on a variety of assignments, each offering the opportunity for a specified number of points. The total number of points earned will be converted to a grade percentage (scale given below). Some opportunities for extra credit points may be available. Grades in this course are not assigned; they are earned. Grades are never curved. Points are earned as follows:

Final Exam, both written & listening

200 points

21% of grade

Ten brief quizzes, facts & listening

20 points each

200 points

21% of grade

Five "Thinkwork" writing assignments

50-100 points each

300 points

31% of grade

Seven "Webwork" internet assignments

20 points each

140 points

15% of grade

Approximately 24 Class Meetings--Attendance

5 points each

120 points

12% of grade


960 points

100% of grade

Grade Percentage Scale:

A+ 96.6 - 100%

B+ 86.6 - 89.99%

C+ 76.6 - 79.99%

D+ 66.6 - 69.99%

F 0 - 59.99%

A 93.3 - 96.59%

B 83.3 - 86.59%

C 73.3 - 76.59%

D 63.3 - 66.59%

A- 90 - 93.29%

B- 80 - 83.29%

C- 70 - 73.29%

D- 60 - 63.29%

(A+ will be awarded if earned, but the Registrar will not recognize it.)

Course Materials




In Library?

Homer Ulrich

A Survey of Choral Music



Ray Robinson

Choral Music: A Norton Historical Anthology



K Marie Stolba

The Development of Western Music: An Anthology, 3rd ed., Vol. 1


Media Center

K Marie Stolba

Recorded Examples to Accompany The Development of Western Music: An Anthology, 3rd ed., Vol. 1


Media Center

Stanley Sadie

The New Grove Dictionary


Available in both print edition and on-line edition

Michael Randal

The New Harvard Dictionary of Music



Web Requirements

There will be a class Email list, although probably not a discussion group list unless the class thinks it would be valuable. All course materials are available on the instructor's Web page, and will not be handed out in class. Certain assignments will require very specific Web searches and actions. Students, therefore, must have a Web Browser and Email access. Some written assignments may be accepted electronically; check with the instructor. There will be no on-line quizzes or activities that require input from the student.


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