MUSIC 3134: Choral Music Literature
Index #93795--Fall Semester 2001--Prof. John R. Howell
12:20-1:10 pm--Squires 162


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What: Examines choral art music from the medieval period through the 20th century. Involves minimal reading, maximal listening, structural analysis using the theoretical tools appropriate to the time period. Specific works from each style period will be examined closely.


Who: This course is designed for music Majors (and Minors with permission) with Junior or Senior standing who have successfully completed the Freshman Music Theory sequence and the Sophomore History and Analysis of Musical Styles sequence, and is designed to complement and extend the HAMS studies.

Other interested students are welcome with the permission of the Instructor. The ability to read standard musical notation and some experience in analyzing musical examples are prerequisites.


How? This course is one of four upper-level music literature courses that have been designated by the Music Department as "writing intensive" and satisfies that university requirement for Music Majors. The writing assignments are designed to reflect the writing skills that will be needed by a professional music educator, performer, conductor, composer, or scholar. These assignments may include collaborative work depending on the size of the class.


By Whom: Professor John R. Howell has had several different musical careers in fields as diverse as entertainment, symphony playing, arranging, conducting, and early music. His B.A. is from the Univeristy of Puget Sound. His M.M. in Choral Conducting and Ph.D. course work in Musicology are from the Indiana University School of Music, where he directed the Pro Arte Consort and taught a variety of early instruments in classes and private studio lessons before coming to Virginia Tech in 1979. He currently directs the Virginia Tech Early Music Ensemble, which studies and performs music of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. Guest instructors will include Kevin Badanes, Susan Howell, and Jamie Shew.


When: This course is planned to be offered in alternate Fall Semesters: 1998, 2000, 2002, etc., as part of a rotating sequence of upper level, writing intensive Music Literature courses. (The schedule below is subject to change, and should be confirmed with the Music Department Office (540-231-5685) if accuracy is important to your plans.)



You may contact the instructor at any time for additional information by email (, telephone (540-231-8411), or in person (Squires Student Center, Room 160).

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