MUSIC 3054: Introduction to Vocal-Choral Arranging
Fall 2002--Index #93793--3 Credits--12:20-1:10 MWF in 162
Professor John R. Howell

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(Also 5024 for graduate credit)


Music 3054 will be available to interested students this semester and will not be offered Spring Semester 2003. Feel free to look around the website, but please be aware that these pages reflect an older course organization, and that there will be significant changes this semester in a continuing effort to make the course relevant to your professional life.



--Prof. John R. Howell

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This course has been offered alternate Fall semesters in even-numbered years, alternating with Music 3044, Orchestration and Analysis, in odd-numbered years. If increased student interest warrants, it will be offered yearly instead.

The Course Syllabus gives an overview of the course.

The detailed listing of Projects spells out the course work in detail.

For 2002 the course is project-oriented. Students will be writing partial or full vocal arrangements from beginning to end of the course, approximately one per week, beginning with the most basic and working toward the most creative. There will be a final project for which a complete arrangement will be written, singers and instrumentalists recruited and rehearsed, and a recording produced. Students will experience a transcription session to learn the procedure, but will not be required to turn in transcription assignments. There is no final exam aside from the final project.

3054 Home | Syllabus | Projects | Instructor