MUSIC 2714: Individual Applied Historical Instruments
Professor John R. Howell


Individual private lessons on a variety of historical musical instruments, time arranged, 1 SH credit for lower division music majors and non-majors. An audition and permission of the instructor are required, and acceptance depends both on the student's playing ability and continued progress and on the instructor's time schedule. The Music Department has some instruments available, but not all, and it is to the student's advantage to personally own the instrument being studied.

Instruction is available for most Renaissance and Baroque wind instruments, including recorder, flute, shawm, krumhorn, cornetto, and rankett, and for early violin and viola da gamba.

The Department of Music also offers the opportunity for historically-informed study and performance of early music with the Early Music Ensemble directed by Prof. Howell.

For additional information, please contact Prof. Howell:

Phone & Phonemail: (540) 231-8411
Snailmail: John Howell, Virginia Tech Department of Music, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0240
Fax: (240) 231-5034
Office: 160 Squires Student Center


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