MUSIC 2116: SURVEY OF MUSIC FROM c. 1750 TO c. 2010
Index #15012--Spring Semester 2011--Prof. John R. Howell


This page is updated for Spring, 2012.



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Exam Schedule:You have a free choice of two exam times. No hassle. No paperwork. No special permission. Choose the time that makes your life easiest during exam week!

I will take a poll at the last Unit Quiz just to figure out how many to print of each verision of the Final Exam, but you can still change your mind after that if you want. 

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What to Expect:


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What to Bring:


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The Final Exam is worth 20%, 25%, or 30% of your final grade, depending on the Grading Option you have contracted for. I do not assume that anyone will attempt to cheat, and I do not expect anyone to try to cheat, but I want to remove the temptation as much as possible. Sorry about that, but to do otherwise would not be fair to the majority of students who are completely honest.


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Essay Questions:(50% of your Final Exam grade (25% each), if you choose these rather than Terms Questions)

Select two of the questions from the list below. Prepare to write essays on those questions during the final exam. The object is for you to become expert on the subjects of your choice.

Be as brief in your essay as possible while covering the subject thoroughly. You may use prose with complete sentences and paragraphs, a formal outline presentation, or any combination of the two. The object is to communicate your knowledge as completely and as efficiently as possible.

Spelling counts. Use specific examples and name names, dates, places, and specific musical works when appropriate. The more facts you accurately provide and the better you have them organized, the higher you will score.

If you want to work from outlines, you may write that outline in the back of your Bluebooks after they have been collected and passed out at random while the outlines are fresh in your mind. Be as complete as possible, and then stop! In the past, the best essays have been about 5-7 pages in length, but the content is more important than the length of the essay.

Bring totally blank Bluebooks to the exam. They will be collected and passed out at random.

Do not write your essay ahead of time and bring it to the exam. Special security measures will guard against that possibility, and you could lose all your essay points unless you listen carefully and follow the instructions exactly. It has happened in the past.

The Questions:


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Listening Examples: (For everyone; 50% of your Final Exam grade)

For the Final Exam, the examples used will be chosen from those in Vol. 2 of the Pearson CDs. I may limit the choices to those actually used in the three Unit Quizzes. The examples will be played in approximate chronological (chapter) order.

The answers for each example will be in multiple choice format, in exactly the same form that is used for the Unit Quizzes.


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Terms Questions: (50% of your Final Exam grade, if you choose these rather than Essay Questions)


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