MUSIC 2116: SURVEY OF MUSIC FROM c. 1750 TO c. 2010
Index #15012--Spring Semester 2012--Prof. John R. Howell

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Using Scholar in Music 2116

(This page has been updated for Spring 2012.)

What is Scholar?

"Scholar" is a web-based course management system available to all Virginia Tech instructors. Some choose to use many of the features offered by Scholar, while others, like me, prefer to use it for very specific things only. At this time those specific things include:

Additional uses for Scholar may be added during the semester. If so, I will let you know. I am still experimenting with its use. But it is poorly designed and very difficult for Instructors to figure out, so probably not.

Where will I find Scholar?

Since it is web-based, you need to access it through your web browser. Go to:

You will need to enter your PID (the name Virginia Tech assigned you for your email) and your password to access the program. And you will have to be currently and properly enrolled in Music 2116 to get access to it.

What do I do once I'm into the Music 2116 area?

Scholar thinks it is managing the entire class. It isn't! All your quiz scores will be transferred to my own class Gradesheet, so ignore anything Scholar wants to tell you about your overall class standing or grade averages.

What else do I need to know?:

Our textbook is from Pearson Education, and the Pearson website has a Practice Quiz area that includes Quizzes on each Chapter. You will be responsible for accessing and taking those Quizzes during the semester, and they will count on your Final Grade if you chools Grading Options 2 or 3. When you are given a choice, take the Quizzes with with all multiple-choice question, not the Essay or Fill-In-The-Blanks ones. The Quizzes will be available throughout the semester, and do not have specific opening or closing dates, but since the point is to help you prepare for the three Unit Quizzes and the Final Exam, the scores will be downloaded after each Unit Quiz.

If you took Music 2115 in the Fall, your registration should remain good through Spring Semester. If you are starting with Music 2116, your textbook package should include a Registration Code. Use that code to register on the Pearson Webiste. It also gives you access to a large library of recorded music. NOTE: Register for this specific class, which will have a number associated with it that I will give you, in order for your Quiz scores to appear in the proper online Gradebook.


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