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This page has been updated for Fall 2012. 

Always subject to change!
Especially student recitals. Call the music office at 231-5685 before you wait until the last minute and discover that a concert has been cancelled!!


These will link you directly to the Tech and Radford Concert Calendars (but note that the Tech Music Department Server gets changed at random intervals):

Virginia Tech Music Department: 231-5685 (or check the Music Dept. Home Page)

Virginia Tech School of the Arts: 231-5200

Radford University Music Department: (540) 831-5177 (or check the Music Dept. Home Page)


Most student recitals are free. Some student ensembles are free and some have a small charge. All faculty and guest concerts have a charge. Those with a charge are marked "$," but some information may be incorrect.

And please note that once Fall Semester gets well under way, there are unadvertised weekly Music Department Convocations with student performers on Tuesday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. in the Recital Salon, which can be very helpful since all Concert Review Due Dates are on Tuesdays during the semester.