Practice Schedule for Spring Semester, 2001

(Note: The painting below illustrates a typical, well-organized Early Music Ensemble rehearsal.)



Because of the change in schedule for MWF classes this year, our rehearsal times are also changed. They will be:

Monday: 3:35-4:30 in room 243; 4:40-5:30 in room 240
Wednesday: 3:35-4:30 and 4:40-5:30 in room 240
Friday: 3:35-4:30 in room 243; 4:40-5:30 in room 240

This will mean, unfortunately, some schedule conflicts, but we will have to live with them.

As in the past, specific calls will be announced for each of the six 1-hour time slots, and only those people performing that music will be required to be at that rehearsal.

Normally each week's rehearsal schedule will be sent out to the ensemble's email list on Friday or Saturday afternoons, and the Callboard will be changed to show the following week's rehearsal calls. Occasionally it will not be possible to do this until Sunday.

The concert performance dates and the required Preliminary Dress Rehearsal and Dress Rehearsal for each concert are listed on the Important Dates page. Get them in your calendar, planner, or Palm right away!