Call Board

Week of February 16-22, 2004

All rehearsals in 240 Squires unless otherwise noted

Preparing for Concert Sunday, February 22 

Monday Feb 16

3:35 Herod, Courtiers, Scribes; with Lisa, Michele, Jeff, Daniel

4:15 Shepherds, Consolers; with Jeff, Daniel, Lorenza


Tuesday Feb 17

2:00-4:00 Archangel (room 165)


Wednesday Feb 18

3:35 3 Kings; with Ashley, on your own

3:35 or 4:40 Archangel; with Brian Baitis (bells); others TBA


Thursday Feb 19

6:00-7:30 All Medieval Band members (Brian Baitis, Kristine, Lorenza, Carole, Daniel, Jeff, Nima, Ashley, Megan, Jenni, Michele, Lisa)

Friday Feb 20

3:35 TBA, but definitely Midwives, definitely Jenni & Michele.

4:40 Likewise

Saturday Feb 21

 10:00 Moving crew (Kings, Armiger, Soldiers) meet at loading dock, transport platforms, music stands, etc. to church.

12:00 Everyone at the church (Blacksburg Presbyterian, corner of Church & Eakin Streets); slow blocking runthrough, then real dress rehearsal; be there, noon to 5 pm, then reset the church for morning services.

Sunday Feb 22

Call TBA, maybe around 1:30.

2:55 Everyone in place ready to start.

3:00 Start.

about 4:30 End. Strike & clean up, moving crew return items as needed.

Monday Feb 23

And on the 8th day they shall rest. Well, only missed it by one!