Department of Music

Music Technology degree option

The music technology program at Virginia Tech combines a traditional approach to the study of music with a concentration in the theories, techniques and technologies used for artistic expression in many forms. Our students study the basics of acoustics, recording and mixed-media production through the use of both conventional and emerging technologies.

Program Features

Acceptance Standards

The most important feature of the music technology program is the emphasis on artistic merit over technology. It is the Department of Music's philosophy that the synergy between expression and technology requires a strong artistic foundation. Since musical ability is such an important component of this program, both an entrance audition and continued instrumental applied studies are required. This standard keeps enrollment small and instruction personal. Students are treated as individuals with their own unique gifts and needs.

Degree Accomplishments

The music technology curriculum requires the demonstration of musical excellence through the performance of degree recitals and the production of a capstone work combining many tools and techniques used in artistic production.

More information on our history, programs, and facilities may be found in the Music Technology section of our website.