Department of Music


The Virginia Tech Department of Music provides high-quality training to a select number of music majors, as well as ensembles and courses for large numbers of non-music majors. Instruction takes place in a handsome facility which has superb rehearsal rooms, well-designed practice rooms and music teaching studios, a beautiful, acoustically engineered Recital Salon, and laboratories with state-of-the-art electronic equipment for music study, recording, and digital music.

The curriculum offers an excellent liberal arts education with a low professor/student ratio combined with the library, computer facilities, and cultural interaction which only a major, comprehensive university can provide. Learning is enhanced by the use of music technology across the curriculum and innovative programs such as laboratory ensembles and extensive teaching experiences in the music education program. Together with degree programs in Performance, Music Education, Composition, and Music Technology students may design a degree plan combining music with virtually all other majors offered by the University. The Department of Music welcomes students with a broad aesthetic and intellectual curiosity, and encourages students who are interested in pursuing double majors.

Undergraduate Degree Options Available:

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