Department of Music

Audition Requirements

All candidates: please choose your audition repertoire carefully, following the guidelines listed below. Two to four contrasting selections from the standard repertoire would be appropriate (time limit: 12-15 minutes).

  • Instrumentalists should include one etude as part of their audition program. The remaining selections may be movements of sonatas, concertos or other solo concert pieces. Candidates may be asked to play major scales and arpeggios, as appropriate for your instrument.
  • Pianists should include one selection by Bach or Scarlatti, and choose the remaining pieces from the Classic, Romantic, and 20th Century classical repertoire. Candidates may be asked to play major scales and arpeggios.
  • Vocalists are required to prepare three pieces - at least one selection should be in Italian, French, or German, and one in English. These two compositions must be classical art songs or arias in contrasting styles. The third selection may be from a Broadway musical, or can be another classical work.
  • Percussionists should include at least one musical selection from each of the three primary areas of percussion: snare drum (may include drum set and/or multiple percussion), mallet instruments, and timpani. In some cases, students who audition in only two of the three areas may be considered for acceptance. Please see the Recommended Percussion Repertoire list to begin preparation for your audition.
  • Composers should include scores of at least three original compositions, and, if possible, tape recordings of their pieces along with the materials they send to the Department of Music. The compositions need not be long, but they should be varied enough to demonstrate aptitude for this major. Be sure to submit the "Request for Audition" form. Applicants in composition will have an interview in addition to auditioning on their major instrument.

Please Note: Students are encouraged to bring their own accompanists if possible, but the Department of Music will probably be able to arrange for an accompanist for singers only if the candidate notifies us and sends his or her music to us at least ten days ahead of the desired audition date.